Central Cyclo-Cross League R2, 22 Sept 2018

This was my first cyclo-cross race of the season, it was quite dry when I was racing. It was also the location of the UCI World Cup a few years ago. The start was on a uphill drag, which didn’t favour me. My start was awful, I didn’t get clipped in and by the time I did, everyone was gone. I’m not the best at uphill, so I found it even harder then usual to catch up. About two minutes in, my back wheel fell off. After my bad attempt to get it back on, a spectator kindly helped. By the time it was on, literally everyone had overtaken me and I was at the back of the field. In the rest of the race, I caught a few people however I found it hard to get my head back in it.

Bea Pauley

Tim PhillipsCX