British Triathlon Inter-Regional Championships, 15-16 Sept 2018

This was the first year I had qualified for the Inter-regional championships for Triathlon, it’s safe to say it was interesting. The first day didn’t quite go to plan: I had a good start in the swim but wasn’t as aggressive as I should’ve been and therefore then came out near the back from getting my feet pulled, hit, dunked etc. I therefore came out with a load of non-cyclists who weren’t willing to do any work. None were strong enough either to keep the pace. I still gained a load of places on the bike, but then because I hadn’t had anyone to work with my legs weren’t great for the run. I was very upset with my performance but it was my first major national event and was good for experience.

On the second day, it was the Relays. My team went off in the second heat and we came 5th overall. I preferred this race to the individual as its just more fun and I felt more relaxed. I had a good swim and worked with someone I knew from cycling on the bike. The run was also quite short so suited me more. Overall it was good experience and was great fun (despite my race on the first day).

Bea Pauley

Photo: Esther Pauley

Photo: Esther Pauley

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