Mud Sweat & Gears Round 5, 27 May 2018

Today I raced in the 5th round of Mud, Sweat and Gears at Carver Barracks, Essex. This race was also the regional championship for the Eastern and South East regions. 

Whilst it was a really sunny day, a stormy night had left the ground very slippery and muddy in places which made some of the technical sections even harder. During the practice lap I attempted an A-line drop, however my weight was in the wrong place. This meant I managed to go over the handle bars which landed me in a bush of stinging nettles and left me with aching ribs also from the fall. This accident happened as i was due to start my warm up on the rollers so unfortunately I had to miss my warm up so i could get my bike checked and my cuts cleaned up. 

I was very shaken up by this fall however was persuaded to go to the start. I had a good start and managed to get myself within the top three. Whilst I could keep up with the girls in the flats they soon dropped me in the technical sections.

During the first lap I was only 30seconds behind fourth place, however this then changed on the second lap as my front wheel slid out at the top of a hill causing me to fall hard on my left hip. This also left me quite shaken. I then went on to finish that lap and despite being very shaken I managed to finish all three laps of the race.

Bea Pauley