Cambridge Junior Triathlon, 24 Jun 2018

Today I competed in the Eastern League Cambridge triathlon event; this race was also an IRC qualifier. It was a very hot day and the race started later than anticipated and whilst I had plenty to drink I probably should have eaten something nearer the race. During the swim, I was about 9 seconds off where I should have been and it was my tumble turns that let me down. I then went into transition where I struggled to do up my belt and I lost about ten seconds in this section. I went out strong on the bike and continued this for four laps but my head went as I felt that everyone was gaining and I wasn’t going anywhere. The last two laps on the bike were then considerably slower. In the second transition, I also lost another 10 seconds because of another struggle of getting my running shoes on and lifting my bike to rack it. I suspect this was probably because I was tired and didn’t have much energy. I went out onto the run 5th, I ran as well as I could, however, I still got overtaken by another girl on the second lap. I then held 6th and finished overall in 6th place.

Bea Pauley

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