St Ives CC club TT, 19 July 2018

I started off the night with fresh legs from a missed turbo session on Tuesday. I put effort into my warm up to ensure I didn't take it too easy. I went as hard as possible from the line and up spiceland. I was lucky as there were no cars in the way on any of the junctions. I was able to keep high speeds on the Monks Wood section as the wind was minimal and in an ideal direction. I ended up breaking the 26min barrier at 25:39. This is a PB by about 15seconds which I am very happy about.

Ollie Maynard

This week at TT, the conditions were quite ideal, there was little wind and it wasn’t too hot. I have unfortunately damaged two of the tendons in my bicep while swimming, so I found I couldn’t go on my tri bars as much as I would’ve liked, so was on the drops the rest of the time. I felt that putting in more effort when I got to the top of spice land hill benefited my time, as in previous weeks I’ve normally taken the drag after the hill as a sort of rest area of the course. Despite not going on my tri bars often, I still managed to get a PB of 29:08, nearly breaking 29. This was also helped by trying to catch my brother and sprinting with him up to the line.

Bea Pauley

It was my first TT after being out with injury and medical issues for over a month, and so was a little bit of a step into the unknown. I had done a turbo session the day before and so used this as a target for my average power. Although I felt very rusty, and messed up a few corners, I felt fairly ok and managed to hold the target power (although this was 25W or more below my previous targets), and with good riding conditions managed a time less than a minute slower than my season's best.

Tim Phillips

Photos by Esther Pauley

Photos by Esther Pauley

Tim PhillipsTT