West Suffolk Junior Triathlon, 1 July 2018

This week was the West Suffolk triathlon, which is the second out of three IRC qualifiers. I came third in the swim, which is as expected and where I needed to be. I attacked each part of the bike this week as well which gave me the fastest bike leg out of the whole of TS3 boys and girls plus the (older) youth girls and all but three youth boys, who do the same distance. Because the bike course had many switchbacks, I carried my speed through each one and attacked coming out to make sure I didn’t lose speed. I also had people to chase on the bike which helped me to go quicker. After the bike I just did what I could on the run. My run was still quicker than past triathlons, but I was tired after giving it my all on the bike so I just did the best I could. Also, after lots of practice this week, I had one of the quickest transitions out of everyone which also gained me an advantage. This all resulted in second place which is my best result of the season, so overall was a great race.

Bea Pauley

Tim PhillipsTriathlon