Discovery Junior Triathlon, 8 July 2018

Today was the Final race out of the three qualifier events for IRCs, it was also the qualifier that included an open water swim. It was boiling hot during the whole day which meant wetsuits were optional. It also meant it was key to stay hydrated throughout the day. As wetsuits should give an advantage due to the buoyancy, I decided I should go with that option. I went off fast in the swim and kept with the leading girl to the first buoy however she gapped me shortly after. This meant I was second out in the water, however I then went to third as the girl behind me didn’t have a wetsuit to take off and I did. I didn’t lose too much time getting my wetsuit off even if my timing chip did get caught in it. I mounted onto my bike well and maintained the same gap between me and the girl in front for the whole duration of the bike. I forgot, until I came to it, that half this course was uphill so that was a bit of a shock. I came in third on the bike back into transition, and for the majority of the run until the last section I had held the same gap between me and the girl in front however she is a stronger runner and pulled away a bit. Despite this, I felt my run has been improving over the weeks and I felt much stronger than in previous weeks. I came away with third in the TS3 girls, which overall I am pleased with.

Bea Pauley

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