Warwickshire Super Sprint Triathlon, 6 Oct 2019

Last Sunday I raced at the Warwickshire Triathlon Super Sprint, it was really exciting as I’ve never done a super sprint before.

The swim was a pool swim, and similar to my last race you swam in each lane and changed lanes until you reached the other side of the pool, again it was a 33 meter pool.

It was a pretty short transition, the bike course started near the town centre so I was stopped at traffic lights twice. The first half of the bike course was nice apart from a few large puddles. The second half was quite hilly with some very strong headwinds which weren’t too enjoyable but overall it was quite a nice course.

The run was out and back, with the first and last section being on grass which was pretty muddy as I was one of the last ones off that day. The rest of the run was pleasant on a nice tarmac path through a park area.

I was really happy to come away with first junior and second overall female!

Izzy Bolland

Tim PhillipsTriathlon