Central CX Rd 4, Kettering, 5 Oct 2019

This was my second cyclocross race of the season at Round 4 of Central Cyclocross League at Kettering. The weather was fairly warm with a light breeze. The ground got gradually more slippy as more people rode it. I went into the race knowing I quite like the course, it has some technical sections and not too many hills. It also had two hurdle sections this week, one right by the finish and another set just after a long drag hill. 

I started with what could be my worst start to date, however got myself in a decent position further into the first quarter of the lap. It’s quite a fast, bumpy course so I struggled to go as fast as I could’ve due to not training much and not having as much power as I should however the technical sections meant I could gain time as well. Half way round the course, it had an off camber technical section which I managed quite easily and it was probably the most interesting part of the course. I’m still struggling with my calf, and it hurt a lot during the race but I’m glad to have come away with my first win of the season even though it wasn’t as big as a field this week compared to last.

Bea Pauley


Tim PhillipsCX