Milton Keynes Bowl Junior Criterium Series, 24 April 2019

Wednesday was my 3rd race of the season and still only early season so I entered expecting to do as well as I could. We started at coffee ride pace with a few attacks which I countered and brought back. One big attack split the peleton and I should have gone all out to get in that but I didn't and stayed in a group of 4. We were not working together at all so I attacked off and went solo chasing after the lead group. The number board guys confused things by giving me a last lap bell and then a finishing flag. After stopping and asking what was going on it turned out that the race hadn’t finished! I pootled the last few laps just to not lose any more places as I had given up by that point - there was no chance of catching the leaders and two more people had overtaken me. Without this mishap I would have got 5th but I'll have to settle for 7th this time.

Ollie Maynard