Eastern League Triathlon Series, Cambridge, 23 June 2019

I started the swim in a wave with people I am about the same pace as, I had an okay swim however still wasn’t where I need it to be. My turns off the wall also slowed me down a fair amount. I got out of the pool quickly and down on the run to transition. I came out onto the bike leg in third position about ten seconds behind the two in front. I was quick to catch by the first second corner of the course. Another girl and I then rode off and I followed her wheel for most of the bike course. On the 5th lap I was ready to go, I raced her into the ‘technical’ part of the course, which contained a series of corners after one another. I overtook her round the corner and made an attempt to drop her however she stuck on my wheel. During the sixth lap, the third girl made a comeback and came into transition the same time as the two of us. I then struggled to put my trainers on in transition due to being tired from the bike and swim. I then struggled a lot on the run, coming third in my wave. Overall I came fourth in my category, however as my first triathlon of the year it went better than expected, my run and swim were better than last year at this race. I still have plenty of work to do across all three elements but I am hoping this will come over the summer.

Bea Pauley

Tim PhillipsTT