Eastern League Triathlon Series, West Suffolk, 30 June 2019

Today I raced in the Eastern Region League triathlon, and I went into the race knowing I liked the course and with a good mindset for the race, based on last year’s performance on this course. It was a snake swim so everyone started twenty seconds behind one another. I prefer it on this course because you can race your own race. My swim was quite slow again this week, and my turns let me down again. I’ve realised I need to kick a bit harder and faster in my swim. I got to transition fairly fast, it was a long run on pavement so was quite hard on the knees. My transition was good and I got out onto the bike fast, I used the corners to my advantage accelerating out of each corner every lap and overtaking quite a few people. I set myself a goal to catch a certain person for each lap which therefore made me faster. The second transition was quite slow getting my feet out of my bike shoes. My legs then paid for my effort on the bike, and just weren’t there for a good run, which was also very hot. In the end I came third overall. I had the quickest bike leg, but this could be improved with more power because it wasn’t my technical skills that let me down. Despite this, I was happy to get my first podium of the year.

Bea Pauley

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