Framlingham Eastern League Junior Triathlon, 27 July 2019

This weekend I raced in another one of the eastern regional series triathlon in Framlingham. I’ve always liked the course and was quite positive going into the race. The weather was pretty awful, it rained the whole of the morning however thankfully stopped just before my race.

My swim was alright but I finished 20 seconds behind the first three. I then caught up two of the girls in transition and we all came out together. This meant I had to run round both of them to mount, but I got on very quick and then went straight down the downhill part of the bike course which was very slippy but fast. At the end of the downhill section you’re forced to put a foot down and stop to cross the road into the next field. By the first stop, I had caught up the girl in first place and then went past her as we went into the other field. I felt as if I kept a consistent, fast pace as I went round the laps, apart from the uphill drag section of the bike course where I slowed a bit. I went into second transition with a lead of around a minute.

I started the run feeling good and tried to keep an equal distance between me and the second girl throughout the laps. My run felt consistent throughout the laps but I started to tire on the second to last lap as my legs suffered a bit from the bike, but I pushed on during the last lap. I ended up winning by a minute and five seconds and it felt really good as it’s the first win of the season.

Bea Pauley

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