St Ives CC TT, 8 August 2019

Two weeks ago I had my first ever DNF as after 2 miles I felt pretty unwell and was unable to continue riding. I took a week off and aimed to come back this week recovered. The sensations while warming up were much better than two weeks ago, and this continued into the race. It was a windy and gusty night, and I had chosen to use a shallower front wheel after part of my warm up. I held reasonable power for the first few miles, and was happy to go past the point where I had abandoned previously still feeling ok. The wind was set for a tailwind out, so I was aiming for a conservative power on the way out to try and make sure I had enough left on the way back. In fact apart from a couple of sections the return leg wasn’t as slow as I feared. I crossed the line in 22.19 - my third fastest time of the season and with an average power that I’m happy with under the circumstances. I was all set to ride a 25 on Saturday but I got notification that it has been cancelled due to high winds while I was writing this!

Tim Phillips

Tim PhillipsTT