Central League CX Rd 3, 28 Sept 2019

This Saturday was my first cyclocross race of the season at Milton Keynes for round 3 of the Central Cyclocross series. It was a bright and breezy day, with the ground still soft from the rain during the week. 

I didn’t have the fastest start but by the end of the hill on the start straight I placed myself into third. After the first hill the course went into a wooded section with soft ground, where I lost a place. I went over the hurdles smoothly and into the off camber section up and down the mound. After this, the course went into the section I probably struggled on most in the whole race up the hill. I just didn’t have much power in the legs for it. Later in the course , it took us down more off camber and up some steps. The rest of the course was slippy and bumpy, I managed to hold fourth round 3 laps to the finish. I am disappointed with only coming fourth but I’m slowly building my fitness and after limited training due to injury I can’t be too disappointed.

Bea Pauley

Tim PhillipsCX