How did I get here?


I did a lot of sport in my teenage years (mainly rugby, football and athletics), but gave up playing rugby seriously when I went to University as I had a recurring knee injury problem. I played football casually into my 20s, but gradually work commitments, travel and other excuses led to me becoming sedentary and overweight. Skip to my early 40s and I became determined to make a change, prompted in part by my father’s heart surgery and history of heart disease in our family. I started on a weight loss programme of dieting and exercise, with a goal of losing 3 stone (19kg) in six months. The exercise initially was gym-based but I also bought a bike so I could get out and ride. I had always enjoyed cycling as a teenager and a student, and I rediscovered the freedom and enjoyment it gives. Before I knew it cycling took over - I left the gym and rode more and more, lost all the weight I had intended to (and more), and set myself new challenges around cycling.

Over the last few years I have entered many sportives including iconic events such as l’Etape du Tour, Fred Whitton Challenge, Dartmoor Classic, Ride London 100 and many other road and off-road events. I joined St Ives Cycling Club and discovered the joys and challenges of riding in a group on club runs and chain gangs. I also participated in my first competitive cycling events, the club time trials, and time trialling has become my main discipline. In the last few years I have competed in many Open time trial events nationally, attaining a number of top 10 placings, winning the club TT championship, qualifying for the amateur World Championship time trial event on two occasions and getting my 10 mile TT time under 20 minutes.

I have competed in road and circuit racing, qualifying for my Cat 3 racing licence in my first season, and gained UK track accreditation. A keen off-road rider, I ride regularly on the trails and enjoy off-road and gravel sportives as well as cyclocross races.


Why me?


I have a scientific background, with a physics degree and PhD, so the numbers-based side of training, performance and analysis come naturally to me. I have immersed myself in athlete physiology, power-based training, aerodynamics, time trialling and road racing. I also have a background in working with people over many years of management, consultancy and running my own business. I believe I can give you the benefit of the learning and experience that has taken me from zero to being a competitive cyclist in just a few years.

I'm also a British Cycling and Training Peaks Level 2 accredited coach and will be working on further qualifications in future.



What can we offer?