Since Bea has started working with Catenary Coaching she has found a new enthusiasm for training. She has really enjoyed the focus that the sessions have given her and has noticed a real difference in her performance. She’s loving the new challenge of TT and this has improved her pacing. She enjoyed podium success in her triathlons this year and was selected to race in the eastern region team at the Inter-Regionals. She’s now enjoying a season of CX under the guidance of Catenary Cycle Coaching.
— Esther Pauley (Bea's Mum), Cambridgeshire

Since joining Catenary Cycle Coaching, Tim has been fantastic. I had many concerns about being coached, including trying to fit training into work and family life and not understanding the whole technology part of cycling. Tim has been great explaining everything and putting a training programme in place that I can follow and that works well for me.

I’m overwhelmed by how much difference Catenary Cycle Coaching has made to my fitness and most of all my results in Time Trials and Racing. Every time I have been out I’ve had PBs! When competing this weekend at Islington CC F15/10 TT I came 3rd in the Ladies and 1st in the Vets - my first ever win! I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Tim’s training and help.

I’m excited for the rest of season. I can’t thank Tim enough for all the support, encouragement and even pushing me when I start to doubt myself. I look forward to the future and more positive outcomes in my racing.
— Sophie Lee, Newmarket

I’ve had Tim as my coach for a few months now and I am seeing the differences to training by myself. I’ve found extra motivation to ensure training on my scheduled days through TrainingPeaks and the variety in training sessions is also improved. I do appreciate not having the option to do an easier session! Having been ill throughout the first part of my training I haven’t been the best coached athlete but having recovered I have found myself very quickly back into fitness and exceeding all my expectations of myself and what I can achieve. I have improved my time trial PB for the first time this year and the help Tim has given me has allowed this to occur. I am very happy with Tim’s input and look forward to further improvements in my cycling. (Oct 2018)

I’ve had Tim as my coach for just over a year now and I have improved in leaps and bounds especially recently after the winter training. He set structured, thought out training sessions which I am now benefiting from, hitting numbers I could only dream of last year. He’s always been open for communication both on rides and on Facebook and adapts everything completely personally to me. I would highly recommend Tim. (Apr 2019)
— Ollie Maynard, St Ives

I started cycling just under 3 years ago (when I joined St Ives CC), and, in a moment of madness, I recently signed up to LEJOG. Realising the enormity of this challenge, I knew I needed help and this is why I contacted Tim. As a relatively novice (and relatively old) cyclist, I was looking for specific help with a formal training plan, motivation, knowledge, conditioning and nutrition in relation to longer rides.

Tim has guided me through all these areas. The formal training plan gives me a structure. If life gets in the way (as it sometimes does), Tim is there to adjust the programme and re-assure me I can achieve my aim. Motivation comes from the regular and personal emails I receive to keep me on track. Tim has arranged several sessions for me on bike cleaning, bike maintenance, changing tyres and also guided me on what to buy to ensure I have the tools to deal with any problems I encounter on the road. Guidance on core strength sessions as well as several longer challenges included in my plan help with my strength and endurance conditioning.

My confidence is improving and, with Tim’s help, I am getting there. On 15 September, I can now say, I’ve got there (to John O’Groats), thanks to Tim (and quite a lot of hard work!).
— Carolyn Penney, Cambridgeshire

I turned 60 this year and set myself a challenge of cycling LEJOG over 10 days. I have only been cycling for about 4 years and l wanted to make sure l was ready for the challenge. I spoke to Tim who set me up with a training program to fit around me and my work/home life. It was great to have a meaning to each ride or session rather then just banging out the miles. Tim was always on hand to answer any questions and to offer encouragement. Tim is very approachable and passionate about cycling. His passion is contagious and you find yourself trying to be the best you can. I can highly recommended him to anyone who is looking improve for whatever reason. I achieved my target in May this year so a big thank you Tim!
— Keith Maddocks, Cambridgeshire

Having begun competitive cycling five years ago, I always planned my own training. After racing for an U23 team in the Basque Country during summer 2018, I decided to take a gap year to focus on my cycling. Still designing my own training, I knew what to improve, but didn’t know how, quickly running into stumbling blocks. Tim’s offer to coach me in April this year came just at the right moment. At first, I was slightly apprehensive, just sharing my training data was a new concept for me but I remember noticing the difference in my first week of training to the schedule Tim set on TrainingPeaks. The structure provides brilliant focus and I feel Tim has helped me become far more dedicated to my training – the outside perspective spurs me on and really motivates me every training session. Every session challenges but it’s never daunting or a pressured environment.

Primarily, the support and encouragement from Tim is fantastic, not just when I’m doing well, crucially, he’s always there when something doesn’t go to plan or I have a question. Tim’s attention to detail and having him on board with my targets and training has turned this season around, I’ve found a new level of enjoyment for my time trialling and am more confident about my current abilities, and also the scope for improvement with Tim’s coaching. In April, I couldn’t have imagined how I could have improved in such a short space of time.
— Julia Wardley-Kershaw, Manchester

Having joined Catenary Coaching, I have seen so much improvement in my cycling performance. Having had a structured training schedule that’s personal to me, I have been able to improve on my weakness, which is road racing and I have already seen so much improvement. Having Tim as a coach has really helped me with motivation to do training and he is always there for me to ask for advice.
— Isabella Johnson, Suffolk

Tim is a very knowledgeable coach and since working with him, Lilly has improved so much and continues to do so. His structured plan is easy to follow and goes hand in hand with her running and swimming. He is also very supportive towards all his athletes which is always nice to see.
— Cristina O'Dell (Lilly's mum), Huntingdon

Tim is a great coach, friendly, knowledgable and supportive with just the right amount of encouragement when needed. Having Tim as a coach has helped keep my motivation and drive on track and I have found my cycling improving consistently, hitting my goals for the season and wanting more.
Looking forward to another year of hitting goals and improving!
— Lee Carey, Cambridgeshire

Tim took me on a few months ago after a rough year: too much work, personal difficulties and not enough cycling passion to race! Tim is understanding of an individual rider’s needs, supportive and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services. He trains and races in several disciplines himself and so knows what we go through day-to-day with fitting in training and racing around life, a big plus point when taking on a new coach.
— Andy Fountain, Cambridgeshire