Since Bea has started working with Catenary Coaching she has found a new enthusiasm for training. She has really enjoyed the focus that the sessions have given her and has noticed a real difference in her performance. She’s loving the new challenge of TT and this has improved her pacing. She’s enjoying podium success at her triathlons and has just been selected to race in the eastern region team at the Inter-Regionals, the National Championships for Tristar3.
— Esther Pauley (Bea's Mum), Cambridgeshire

Since joining Catenary Cycle Coaching, Tim has been fantastic. I had many concerns about being coached, including trying to fit training into work and family life and not understanding the whole technology part of cycling. Tim has been great explaining everything and putting a training programme in place that I can follow and that works well for me.

I’m overwhelmed by how much difference Catenary Cycle Coaching has made to my fitness and most of all my results in Time Trials and Racing. Every time I have been out I’ve had PBs! When competing this weekend at Islington CC F15/10 TT I came 3rd in the Ladies and 1st in the Vets - my first ever win! I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Tim’s training and help.

I’m excited for the rest of season. I can’t thank Tim enough for all the support, encouragement and even pushing me when I start to doubt myself. I look forward to the future and more positive outcomes in my racing.
— Sophie Lee, Newmarket

I’ve had Tim as my coach for a few months now and I am seeing the differences to training by myself. I’ve found extra motivation to ensure training on my scheduled days through TrainingPeaks and the variety in training sessions is also improved. I do appreciate not having the option to do an easier session! Having been ill throughout the first part of my training I haven’t been the best coached athlete but having recovered I have found myself very quickly back into fitness and exceeding all my expectations of myself and what I can achieve. I have improved my time trial PB for the first time this year and the help Tim has given me has allowed this to occur. I am very happy with Tim’s input and look forward to further improvements in my cycling.
— Ollie Maynard, St Ives