St Ives CC TT, 15 & 22 May 2019

After a wet week it was nice to see the weather had brightened up. I planned to go as hard as possible and see if I could hold it. Unfortunately one of the magnets holding my number on came undone which led to all of them coming loose. My number went flying into a bush after the first roundabout so I had to stop and find it. Not what id expect to be doing in a TT! I rode as hard as I could for the rest of the course but then got stuck behind a tractor! 13 definitely is an unlucky number and I'll pass when offered it in the future.

Ollie Maynard (15 May)

I had limited time as it’s exam season so no time to put my aero bars on, and just rode in jersey and shorts. I pulled as hard as I could and came close to the last time I'd ridden properly and that was on aero bars. I can now see in the future breaking the PB that I set on the first night and hopefully pushing to sub 24 in the long run.

Ollie Maynard (22 May)

There was finally some nice weather for a TT, with some sunshine, warm temperatures and a gentle cross-breeze. My plan was to try and match a power figure for a 10 from early last season, and this went pretty well. I neared the end of the course very happy with my power and time. That was until I clipped a kerb coming out of the final roundabout with the finish in sight. I went head over heels into the bushes, and unshipped my chain. With the help of a marshal I got myself back on the bike to finish, sore and very frustrated!

Tim Phillips (22 May)

Tim PhillipsTT