St Ives CC TT, 10 & 17 July 2019

10 July
Having done something less strenuous the day before my legs still hurt through the effort. I tried to pace it on the way out so I could give it more on the way back but this didn't quite happen as I had nothing left to give for the last 3-4 miles. Somehow the overall average was a little quicker than my PB and took 7 seconds off which I’m very happy with.

17 July
I did a particularly hard session on Tuesday and went deep. Naturally I wasn't expecting anything but found it was a good evening. I gave it more than I was used to on the way out and with the help of a tailwind made the first half quickest. My whole body went weak for the way back and I did my best to keep over the average. I had nothing left to increase my speed near the end and my arms had no blood in them. I was definitely ready to finish after mile 9. I got a PB by 15 seconds which I'm really happy with and look to break 24 within the season.

Ollie Maynard

Tim PhillipsTT