Cycle Club Sudbury Club TT, 15 August 2019 & VTTA E2/25 25 mile TT, 17 August 2019

On Thursday, I set a new PB on the Acton circuit TT course, held by my local club. In the last few months, I have found it hard to knock any time off my PB, so a 35 second PB for 8.2 miles, I was really happy with especially because it's such a short course making it harder to take off time. The course itself is hard to pace yourself on, with the first half being more or less downhill and the second half uphill so you just have to give it your all on both parts to get a decent time.

Having done a PB in every TT for the last couple of weeks, I was feeling positive towards a new 25 mile TT PB, which I managed to do by 1 minute 28 seconds on Saturday. Although the course was flatter than on Thursday, the wind was more challenging, with the first half of the ride going into a head wind and the second half of it with a tailwind. It did make it harder to pace, but going by my heart rate data the pacing wasn't too much out.

Izzie Johnson

Tim PhillipsTT