How can I help?


If your goal is just to get fitter or improve your time for doing a sportive, or if you want to start competing, I can help. You may want to start doing time trials, improve your times, get faster on your triathlon bike leg, or improve your performance in road, cyclocross or MTB racing. All of these are based around cycling fitness. My strategy will be to work with you to understand your goals and how much time per week you have to work on them. I will then work out a training plan for you to follow and give you feedback as you progress through the plan. The rest is up to you!


Who is it for?

  • Cyclists looking to improve their fitness and performance
  • Cyclists looking for their first coach, or to develop a training plan for the first time
  • Cyclists looking to start competing, or take their competition to the next level
  • People who value a second opinion, encouragement, support, and maybe a bit of a push sometimes
  • Those prepared to work hard and reap the rewards

What is included?

  • Face-to-face consultation to understand your cycling goals in the short term, one year out and beyond
  • Testing to establish current fitness performance
  • Advice on fundamental bike fit (where needed)
  • Training plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle
  • Monitoring of training performance through Training Peaks (basic account included if you do not already have one)
  • Power (preferably) or heart-rate/perceived effort based training plans
  • Regular (at least weekly) feedback on training progress and plan amendments where necessary
  • Event feedback and discussion for key events in your plan
  • Advice on time trial position and aerodynamics (where relevant)
  • Advice on time trial pacing and strategy (where relevant)


Further questions?