Islington CC 10 TT F15/10, 21 July 2018

Another hot summer's day at Islington CC 10 TT. There was a last minute change of course due to road closures. We used the bottom section of the course, which wasn't ideal as it was back and forth between the two roundabouts, and I struggled to get a rhythm going. On the last section to the finish line it was particularly difficult battling with the headwind and keeping my speed up. My time was 26.05, average 23mph. When the results were published I found I had come 3rd out of 9 ladies and 1st vets. I still can't believe it as I just wasn't feeling this race. I couldn't be happier with the result. I look forward to going back to try out the original course in the future. Thank you Tim.

Sophie Lee

Tim PhillipsTT