Newmarket Cycling Triathlon Club BS/36 21mile TT, 18 July 2018

I was feeling a bit apprehensive about this TT, and knowing there are a couple of nasty climbs I knew I would find it difficult. After competing this TT a couple of years ago I swore I would never do it again! I had been chatting to Tim a few times trying to gain confidence in competing in the race. I had a bad start by nearly falling off and hitting the curb. There is initially a long descent towards Newmarket before hitting the first long climb. I pushed hard but struggled to get a rhythm. Once out of Kirtling it was a headwind all the way out before turning for home. On the way back 3/4 of the way in, everything ached from top to bottom. My legs gave in before my fitness and on the last climb to the finish I pushed with everything I had. I completed the course in 60:41 with a PB. My previous time in 2016 was 65:49 and it felt just as difficult then as it did this evening!

Sophie Lee

Tim PhillipsTT