St Ives CC club TT, 22 August 2018

Having done 3 days of hiking beforehand I was not expecting much. I made sure I stretched enough but still my legs hurt to walk or spin slowly. This made warming up a bit of a challenge but to my complete surprise, I was the strongest I've ever been throughout the whole course. I shaved 49 seconds off my PB and fulfilled my season goal of under 25 minutes. With 2 TTs left I'm not sure on how much more I can push my luck, but my next goal is to push towards (and preferably under) 24 minutes.

Ollie Maynard

After a really bad ride two weeks ago, I was really quite nervous about doing another TT. I had also been riding in Devon for the last few days, and then driven back a couple of hours before the start, so my legs were not at their best. I felt ok during the warmup and decided to try and hold my 'usual' power up to the end of the first section after the hill and then play the rest by ear. I actually felt ok over the whole ride and so was disappointed to find my time was not that great. overall a positive experience though, but would be much better with the 25-30W I have lost!

Tim Phillips

This weeks club TT didn’t quite go to plan. The wind was quite strong and I seemed to struggle more than usual up spice land hill, this cost me a fair amount of time. I also lost time down Wood Walton hill as I am now gear restricted and ran out of gears. However, lack of training was probably the main reason for the poor performance: I hadn’t ridden my bike in two weeks as I was away in Yorkshire. Despite all this, it was the first time I tried my new wheels on the bike and they felt a lot smoother and faster than my old ones which I am very pleased about.

Bea Pauley

After over a year since I did my last official club or any TT I thought it was time I showed my face and tried out the TT bike I purchased this year. Having never raced on the bike I was feeling rather nervous amongst a range of other emotions. So just getting turning up was a big deal for me because I struggle with my mind at times and self belief. But as I said I was ready to give it a go and the worst what would happen would be I didn't beat my previous time from last year. I set off and didn't even look at my Garmin I just rode by feel not looking at the time or speed because I didn't want my mind to screw up my ride. So I was pleasantly surprised when I managed a PB for the course by 1 minute 14 seconds! I certainly learnt a lot from the ride and i will forward to putting what I learnt into practice in future TTs.

Becky Summerell

Tim PhillipsTT