VC Norwich 25 mile TT, 3 August 2019

Last week I rode the B25/8 course, which was my first attempt at a 25 mile TT. 

Overall, I think I paced it really well going by my heart rate data and with only 4 second difference between the two 10 mile splits. I was pleased with this considering my legs felt heavy from my local clubs TT on Thursday (I managed a 24 second PB on an 8.2 mile course at CC Sudbury’s TT, which was pretty tough to achieve on such a short, rolling course). It was also challenging because I didn't know what time to aim for making it tricky to tell how hard to push.

Despite the legs burning as a physical challenge, it was mentally challenging to push hard through the pain for a longer duration TT to what I'm used to, which is less than half an hour.

The course itself was pretty flat, except the first and last couple of miles. The middle of the course had a horrendous road surface, which did kill my speed a bit as well as the mild headwind on the way out. 

I look forward to a couple of weeks time, where I will be competing in another 25 mile TT which will give me a time to aim for and to beat.

Izzie Johnson

Tim PhillipsTT