Icknield RC Time Trial, 7 Sept 2019

On Saturday I rode the F11/10 course for the second time this year. However, this time round was set to be more challenging with a 16mph cross wind in both directions. With the end of the season close in sight, I really wanted to achieve a 10 mile personal best, but I also knew this may not be possible with the weather conditions.

The first couple of miles to the first turn felt good and I was on target for a course PB. After the first turn I continued to stay on target, but after around 6 miles in I began to lose time due to the cross wind. By the time I reached the last couple of miles, I was way off the time I wanted to achieve.

Throughout the TT my heart rate stayed pretty constant and was a little higher than most TTs which shows how much I pushed myself. I finished in a time of 24:09 and placed 8th lady out of 23. Although the time wasn't what I was expecting, I was happy with my position in a field of strong riders.

Overall, I left everything out there on the day and achieved my second best 10 mile TT time of the year. I will be using this time and my best 10 mile time, that I achieved earlier on this season, to enter the junior BBAR (British Best All Rounder).

Izzie Johnson

Tim PhillipsTT