Team Cambridge F2D/10 TT, 14 July 2018

I arrived early at Cambourne and decided to drive the course, I made mental notes where the road had its ups and downs, where the bridges were and where I could make my time. I warmed up on a quiet road and while I did the temperature rose to 27/28 degrees with very little wind.

I set off well and tried to remember my key notes, I kept an eye on my heart rate and this time tried to focus on my pedalling. On the turn for home I tried to increase everything I had to the finish. I found this TT easier than last week's Norwich ABC TT and I was really pleased with the results. I managed another PB 23.59 (2 minutes off my previous time), my first 25mph average, and to top it off I actually enjoyed this one. I was 8th out of 19 ladies. Thanks once again Tim for your support.

Sophie Lee

Tim PhillipsTT